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Summertime in Wisconsin is the time to be outside and enjoying everything it has to offer. Tim Millar and From the Ground UP LawnCare, LLC work hard to make that experience come to life. 

If you are in need of lawn care, it is important to obtain a professional and experienced contractor. From the Ground UP LawnCare, LLC will develop the best option for your lawn care needs. It was apparent to us that the primary concerns for some larger contractors was to get the job done quickly as possible to maximize profits, no matter the cost to the customer or their quality of work. They also were not concerned with communicating with the client. From the Ground UP LawnCare, LLC, offers a customer friendly experience, which provides results far exceeding expectations.


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At From the Ground UP LawnCare, LLC we provide the highest quality lawn maintenance, landscape construction, and snow removal services possible to our customers in a professional, efficient and safe manner.

We strive to be the best, not the biggest, and would rather do two jobs really well then ten jobs poorly. Our company achieves successful results by working efficiently and safely. The crews don't waste time or take unnecessary risks which would have a negative results for both the customer and From the Ground UP LawnCare, LLC.

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